Saturday, August 18, 2018

Our analysts take a view and rate each fund over the months of November 2017 to June 2018.

While they have complete flexibility when it comes to market capitalization of the stocks, the mandate is to invest a minimum of 65%of their total assets in stocks.

They are not sparse in supply. We relook the role of sector funds in a portfolio.

The fund has a very good track record. Here are some points to note about this fund.

With BlackRock selling its 40% stake to DSP, investors are concerned how this will impact the investment process. Here is our take.

HDFC Top 200 and HDFC Equity both have Gold ratings. But here is what investors need to know.

A look at the so-called virtues of closed-end funds. And how they have actually performed.

Our analysts look at funds from different fund houses and assign Bronze and Silver ratings to them.

Our analyst explains why the fund gets a Neutral rating. With a new manager and a redefined strategy, it must establish itself all over again.

Best Performing Funds

As on 2018-08-16

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