Picking up the best performing funds

By Morningstar |  09-07-18 | 

List some best performing mutual funds in SIP for long time investment up to 20 years.

- Sridharan

The systematic investment plan, or SIP, is just a way of investing in mutual funds. It’s a method we strongly recommend because it brings in consistency.

We also commend your long-term perspective as this helps when investing in equity.

If you want to check the performance of funds, you can do so via this tool. This will enable you to check the performance for various fund categories, and you can do so under various time frames.

Do check the tools page too.

Having said that, there is much more that goes into fund selection than just the "best performer list". You must decide how much you wish to allocate to equity funds and debt funds. Within each broad asset class, you will have to decide which category you need to focus on - large cap or mid cap and so on and so forth. And then comes the actual fund selection within the selected category. Here you look not just at performance but the caliber of the fund manager, his investing style, and whether or not he sticks to the fund's mandate.

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