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By Morningstar |  06-08-18 | 

I have two questions for a senior citizen.

To invest in 2 SIPs of Rs 3,000 each for a duration of 3-5 years – one for capital growth and one for good income.

To invest Rs 5 lakhs in a mutual fund with capital protection and growth.

- Senior Citizen

Given that you are looking to invest as a senior citizen, I would place greater emphasis on safety and income over growth.

Fixed income funds would be most ideal for your requirements, with a smaller allocation towards equity funds to provide a growth element to your portfolio.

You could consider making investments largely into short-term debt funds and smaller allocations into large-cap equity funds or aggressive hybrid funds (balanced funds).

For regular income you can invest in the dividend plans of ultra-short bond funds or low duration funds.

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Sanjib Basu
Sep 8 2018 03:23 PM
I am 78 but my FD's & RFC's maturity amounts are pouring in from 2019-2022. I have invested in Equity funds DVD & Growth sensibly to Pay for my expenses say Rs. 2L per month as of now. However, i will be needing 15% more every year over 2 L/m for next 15 years or so.
I will have a bonanza of 2 crore next Year . I am worried how best to invest it? Give me advice which funds to invest and get Returns coming in after 2022/
Aug 14 2018 09:00 PM
You can Invest in monthly dividend paying equity oriented fund to get good income + capital protection in long time horizone! Currently to will get 11% - 12% p.a. payable monthly ! This suggestion only to meet monthly expenses! Put 50% in debt fund to meet emergency fund & remain in equity large cap fund - growth option it will take care of capital growth!
vishnu kv
Aug 7 2018 08:53 AM
Which is the best share traded today
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