Clearing the confusion on HDFC Hybrid Equity

By Morningstar |  31-08-18 | 

What is the future of HDFC Hybrid Equity fund?

- Yeshvant

I invested in HDFC Balanced but now as the fund has changed to HDFC Hybrid Equity.  Should I exit and invest in other funds?

- Sivakumar

HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund is erstwhile HDFC Balanced Fund. The fund is now a part of aggressive allocation category that comprises of funds which were earlier a part of balanced fund category.

Aggressive allocation funds can invest between 65-80% in equities and between 20-35% in debt instruments. Historically, this fund has maintained an equity exposure in the range of 65-75%. The manager continues to be Chirag Setalvad who is an experienced and an old hand at HDFC Mutual Fund.

From these perspectives, nothing is changing in the fund. If this fund meets your investment objective and is a fit in your portfolio, then you may consider holding on to it

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