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By Morningstar |  08-10-18 | 

One of the brightest icons in the financial world, Vanguard founder John Bogle, revolutionized investing. He championed the unembellished truth that every dollar an investor pays in expenses to a mutual fund, is a dollar he cannot use for his own savings goals.

Morningstar’s posture has always consistently been that the investor is the true north. John Bogle brilliantly embodies the identical position. If his investing philosophy had to be summed up in a line, it would read as: The economics of investing are productive, the emotions of investing are counterproductive.

He vigorously advocated the fact that cost matters and “simplicity has a majesty”. It is what led him to create the first index fund in the U.S. available to the general public in 1976. He also cautioned equity investors that “time is your friend, impulse is your enemy”.

It appears simple, and it is, but is rather profound when you take into consideration the actual execution of an investment program over time.

At the upcoming Morningstar Investment Conference, we will showcase John Bogle in a pre-recorded interview.

Bogle has graciously obliged us with an exclusive for the conference to be held in Mumbai on October 23-24, 2018.

Do attend the conference to hear him address the delegates. He also welcomes questions from the audience in India, that shall be put forth by Jeffrey Ptak, Morningstar’s global director of manager research.

Please post your questions below. 

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Sandeep kumar Nirvan
Oct 24 2018 01:21 PM
How you find Indian Market future as Index fund or ETFs Investment market
Nitin Goyal
Oct 11 2018 10:52 PM
1. It is claimed that Indian stock markets are not mature hence active fund management is better than indexing. What is your thought on this?
2. When can we expect Vanguard in India?
rajesh n
Oct 10 2018 02:39 PM
Hello Sir,
When is Vanguard coming to India? We need Vanguard's low cost ETFs and index funds, desperately.
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