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The most read articles on over 2019.
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 #1 What Game of Thrones teaches us about perspective

  • Author: Larissa Fernand
  • Published: May 2019

The interplay of multifarious characters and their motivations give rise to many a lesson, be it on the subject of finance, leadership, management, or philosophy. But a great learning has been on “perspective”. When it comes to morality or ethics or money, all of us have deeply held views. And this impacts how we perceive reality.

#2 10 reasons why real estate is in a slump

  • Author: Anuj Puri of ANAROCK Property Consultants
  • Published: August 2019

The outlook was downgraded to ‘pessimistic’ in the Real Estate Sentiment Index Q2 2019. It also states that unsold inventory stands at 42 months. A convincing and sustainable revival for the Indian housing sector depends on numerous factors getting resolved.

#3 7 equity investing principles

  • Author: Larissa Fernand
  • Published: August 2019

Muthukrishnan has always emphasized that aggressive savings, prudent investing, and avoidance of debt are the keys to get you on the wealth creation path. Over here, he articulates his thoughts on investing and his stock picking strategy.

#4 Zero to Rs 120 crore in four years

  • Author: Ravi Samalad
  • Published: March 2018

Jaipur-based distributor Rajesh Sodhani has seen excellent growth in his business. As one of the largest distributors in Rajasthan, he says that mutual fund penetration, especially in smaller towns, is abysmally low and there is a huge scope for distributors to tap first-time mutual fund investors.

#5 How to file a tax return for a deceased person

  • Author: Policy Bazaar
  • Published: February 2018

The income tax return needs to be filed for the income earned by during a financial year. Even if the person in question is deceased, someone has to file the ITR on his/her behalf. Here is how one should go about it.

#6 4 wrong retirement planning assumptions

  • Author: Larissa Fernand
  • Published: November 2019

Most of us work hard so that we can retire in a financially comfortable position. But interestingly, once we retire, it requires a tremendous shift in mindset, to move from aggressive saving, to eventually shift from savings to spending. Having said that, the entire exercise is based on a number of assumptions. Let's look at a few common ones.

#7 5 best term plans

  • Author: Basavaraj Tonagatti
  • Published: May 2018

India has around 24 life insurance companies, all offering online term insurance plans. This certified financial planner employed four parameters to arrive at the best term plans.

#8 The 10-year SIP challenge

  • Author: Larissa Fernand
  • Published: January 2019

An Indian investor on Twitter presented his followers with an investing equivalent of the #10yearchallenge: If they set aside Rs 15,000 every single month starting this year, a decade later (2029), their investment would be worth a very tidy sum. Here are the takeaways and the feedback.

#9 Why the Recency Bias is your enemy

  • Author: Larissa Fernand
  • Published: August 2019

You’re driving in a new city. You pass an equal number of red and blue cars, but most of the blue cars are spotted at the end of your journey. Studies suggest you’re more likely to think there are more blue cars than red cars on the road. In investing, here is how to overcome this bias.

#10 Aim to get wealthy, not rich

  • Author: Larissa Fernand
  • Published: July 2019

Many people, who are not wealthy, think that the key to getting rich is making a lot of money. But look at all the movie stars and athletes who have made endless amounts of money and are dirt-poor. What’s seen is the money they made. What’s unseen are the choices that they have made and the debt they have incurred. It’s what allows them to continue to be wealthy (or not).

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