DSP Mutual Fund launches Alimony Calculator

By Morningstar |  18-03-20 | 

DSP Mutual Fund has launched of a first-of-its–kind Alimony Calculator to equip and empower women who are going through divorce. This is especially crucial when women are experiencing a life-changing event that carries its own set of challenges that can disorient them.

A part of the Winvestor Initiative of DSP Mutual Fund, the calculator aims to guide women to understand their current and future expenses and therefore the corpus needed today to meet those expenses that will not alter her current lifestyle.

The alimony calculator hosted on the DSP website (www.dspim.com/alimonycalculator) will help women determine the alimony amount by filling in details like expenses related to household, utilities, medical, insurance, entertainment, holiday, child support among others and also aims for a fair calculation by asking her to add her income, inheritance, paternal support and current bank balance. Based on certain (flexible) assumptions and inputs from the woman, the alimony calculator will calculate a corpus needed for her to maintain her lifestyle. The benefit is to feel secure and have a baseline number in mind while in discussions. The calculator will eventually offer an option to connect the women with a Winvisor (a female financial advisor who can guide her better with her finances).

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