Thursday, February 23, 2017

Telling people how they will be better off working with you because of your special expertise will help you attract clients.

Provide proof to attract clients

Bengaluru based adviser Srikanth Matrubai on how IFAs can fight competition by gaining client confidence.

Moat for financial advisers

Advisers walked away with fresh insights on fund selection and creating the optimal asset allocation mix.

The fund house will offer a trail commission of 0.15% for the first year which goes up to a maximum of 0.25% in the third year.

Quantum MF will pay commissions to distributors soon

Read on to find out how Vinod Jain and Rajesh Jha built Rs. 600 crore AUM in mutual funds.

The SIP champions

Kunal Bajaj, founder of Clearfunds, a robo-advisory platform offering direct plans, shares his thoughts on the future of advisory landscape in India.

'Robo-advisory could be run with significantly less costs'

We address areas where Morningstar products can strengthen client relationships.

Very few people wake up in the morning thinking "I think I will find a new financial advisor today."

Do you ask for referrals? Would you hire a plumber that randomly showed up at your door?

Morningstar has launched Adviser Workstation (AWS), a powerful tool which helps advisers make a case for investing in mutual funds and do much more.

Always wanted to establish a retail business? Here are eight ways to lay the foundation for building a robust retail practice.

Bengaluru based adviser Mimi Partha Sarathy, managing director of Sinhasi Consultants talks to Morningstar about what helped her succeed as a financial planner and how yoga brings discipline in her practice.

Referrals provided in response to your request for them will not generally give you the best ones.

Morgan Housel of The Collaborative Fund tells advisers that they need to communicate and educate their investors if they want their behaviour to change.

This expert speaks from practical experience on how tracking your daily progress can help you reach your annual goals.

Three experts on what they are advising their clients in the current market scenario and economic environment.

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