Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pune based advisers Shailesh and Khetani build 120 crore MF AUA after winding up their equity sub-broking business post the 2008 financial crisis.

College dropout Shailesh strikes gold in MF advisory

Stephen Wershing of The Client Driven Practice on how advisers can market their brand.

The triumph of selling over marketing

How you did things before won't be the way you do them in the future.

How to improve your productivity in one hour a week

Sheryl Rowling of Rowling & Associates offers her best tips for maintaining quality client service while having a personal life.

To grow business, standardize and automate

Advisers are realizing the need to adapt and evolve which is helping them be on top of their game.

The new age adviser

Stephen Wershing of The Client Driven Practice on what to tell prospects when they ask you what you do.

Tell people how they are better off because of you

From Rs 1,700 monthly salary, Sachin Kharate's earnings have grown to Rs 25 lakh annually after taking up MF distribution.

Turning adversity into success

All his clients pay a fee and he is in the process of migrating his entire client base to direct plans.

Why Vivek is moving to fee-only advisory

The value investors derive from financial planners is changing drastically in the digital era.

The changing face of financial planning

Suresh Sadagopan of Ladder 7 Financial Advisories on how to help clients overcome the endowment effect.

The Bamandayapada Syndrome

Stephen Wershing of The Client Driven Practice on the art of storytelling.

Tell stories your clients can tell their friends

From social media to postcards, advisers are adopting novel ways to stay in touch with existing clients and find new prospects.

How advisers are connecting with clients

Sarah Newcomb, Behavioral Economist at Morningstar U.S. on how advisers can help clients get a fresh financial start.

How to help clients break old habits

Steve Wendel, Head of behavioral sciences at Morningstar U.S. on how advisers can help clients overcome their biases while investing.

Understanding client anxiety during market swings

Here's why distributors are going digital and how it is benefitting them.

To scale up, advisers flocking to stock exchange platforms

Morningstar has launched Adviser Workstation, a powerful tool which helps advisers make a case for investing in mutual funds.

A powerful tool to build your business

Fidelity study finds that advisers who actively used technology more than their peers had almost 40% more AUM than those who didn't.

8 steps toward a tech-savvy practice

Advisers are writing books on a wide range of topics which is helping them build credibility among prospects and inspiring people to start saving.

Advisers catch the writing bug

Read on to find out how Vinod Jain and Rajesh Jha built 600 crore AUM in mutual funds.

The SIP champions

Education seems to be the new mantra to acquire clients.

How investor awareness programmes are helping advisers acquire clients

Nilesh Shah, MD, Kotak MF shares four success mantras for advisers to grow their business.

Investor centricity is the key to success

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