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D & H India Ltd

INE589D01018 517514 BSE Industrials 21.45

D B Corp Ltd

INE950I01011 533151 BSE Consumer Cyclical 378.40

D B Realty Ltd

INE879I01012 533160 BSE Real Estate 42.10

D S Kulkarni Developers Ltd

INE891A01014 523890 BSE Real Estate 55.75

Dabur India Ltd

INE016A01026 500096 BSE Consumer Defensive 283.70

Daewoo Motors India Ltd

INE497A01010 500100 BSE Consumer Cyclical 6.71

Dai-Ichi Karkaria Ltd

INE928C01010 526821 BSE Basic Materials 486.10

Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd

INE789B01018 530825 BSE Basic Materials 61.00

Dalal Street Investments Ltd

INE422D01012 501148 BSE Financial Services 107.65

Dalmia Bharat Ltd

INE439L01019 533309 BSE Basic Materials 1887.80

Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd

INE495A01022 500097 BSE Consumer Defensive 176.35

Dalmia Industrial Development Ltd

INE642P01019 539900 BSE Consumer Cyclical -

Damodar Industries Ltd

INE497D01014 521220 BSE Consumer Cyclical 75.00

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd

INE310B01013 532329 BSE Technology 48.45

Darjeeling Ropeway Co Ltd

INE830S01014 539770 BSE Financial Services -

Darshan Orna Ltd

INE671T01010 539884 BSE Consumer Cyclical -

Database Finance Ltd

INE847A01024 532099 BSE Financial Services 691.70

Datamatics Global Services Ltd

INE365B01017 532528 BSE Industrials 128.00

Datasoft Application Software (I) Ltd

INE072B01019 526443 BSE Technology 1.24

Daulat Securities Ltd

INE108C01019 530171 BSE Financial Services 6.70

Dazzel Confindive Ltd

INE149E01027 531270 BSE Financial Services 0.19

DB (International) Stock Brokers Ltd

INE921B01025 530393 BSE Financial Services 9.85

DCB Bank Ltd

INE503A01015 532772 BSE Financial Services 163.65

DCM Financial Services Ltd

INE891B01012 511611 BSE Financial Services 3.46


INE498A01018 502820 BSE Consumer Cyclical 115.65
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