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By Ravi Samalad |  02-01-20 | 
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It is that time of the year when we make plans for the new year on what we wish to achieve. Financial advisers too are looking forward to taking their business to the next level in 2020.

We spoke to advisers across India to find out their plans for 2020. Most advisers are planning to enhance their customer experience by adopting technology, streamline processes, focus on investor education and adopt goal based advisory. Here’s what they have planned.

Improve Process & Technology

Process: 29k has its process in place for each department: Investment Advisory, Accounts, Support, and Marketing. The target is to simplify these processes, thereby providing clarity within the organization.

Technology: We need to make use of technology to enable a unified experience. The process needs to be technology-driven, which we believe will boost our productivity and the quality of service. We are building our in-house technology team to put this into action.

Team: The core of a company lies within a strong team whose vision and mission compliment with that of the company's. This alignment also creates an atmosphere where the company can explore its potential and spot the second line of leaders.

- Shamshad Sheriff, Director, Business Operations and Strategy, 29k Investment Advisers

Expand Geographically
  1. Increasing client base by conducting more Investor Awareness Programmes (playing to our strength)
  2. Continue focusing on social media to build your brand
  3. Moving towards goal-based investing aggressively
  4. Scaling up team more on the relationship managers side
  5. Investing aggressively in knowledge for our team members
  6. Expanding in couple of new geographies through Associate/Partnership route.

- Gajendra Kothari, MD & CEO, Ética Wealth Management

Invest in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

We expect direct plan adoption to continue and are targeting asset growth of 3-4x in 2020. Our focus however is on building new and proprietary advisory solutions for our users. We invested heavily in building an AI and data analytics team this year and some of the features and products we have been working on will be released this year.

- Gaurav Rastogi, Co-Founder and CEO,

Improve client engagement

As planned last year, we have already migrated online majorly and have revamped our social/digital profile. We have also invested in additional software that provide us with flexible research architectures that could simulate scenarios for better quantification of data. This year, we see ourselves refining and simplifying our processes and our endeavour would be to create better ways to improve our client management and portfolio management systems.

- Shifali Satsangee, Founder, Funds Ve’daa

Get Feedback Actively

Our focus area in 2020 will be around deepening client engagement. We plan to get feedback on what we are doing well and what we can improve upon - and accordingly invest in building the team and processes to strengthen the engagement.

- Saurabh Bansal, Founder, Finatwork Wealth Services

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