Sunday, July 25, 2021

The two terms sound somewhat alike, but mean very different things.

What is Maturity and Duration?

Here are funds that outperformed and underperformed their benchmark.

Only 46% of Large Cap funds outperformed BSE 100 in 10 years

This tool helps you identify which stocks are popular with asset managers.

Know which funds own a particular stock

Economic growth is now a bigger worry than inflation.

Why the US market tumbled at the start of the week

Rising inflation, popularity of cryptocurrencies, and central bank policy are factors impacting the price of gold.

What next for Gold?

The net asset value is adjusted based on inflow/outflow to protect retail investors.

What is Swing Pricing?

If you find yourself trapped, here's a step-by-step guide on how to break the shackles.

Here's how to get out of debt

With only 11 sustainable funds, the top 5 ESG funds account for 86.5% of the overall sustainable assets.

NFOs attract ESG investors

Getting carried away in the market? Here is an interesting analogy to put you on guard.

What the hell is water? What is intrinsic value?

Speculation is a slippery slope. Before you venture on that path, here are 6 speed breakers to put into place.

Want to speculate? Do this first.

Here are some global stocks to play Electric Vehicles and opportunities throughout the value chain.

Stocks to ride the EV wave

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87.5131 1.1762 0.8553 - 130.0472 1.0830
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