Sunday, April 5, 2020

We recognise funds that have added the most value within their relevant peer group in a specific time frame.

A look at how the research team arrived at the winners and the nominees.

Focused funds are diversified equity mutual funds that restrict the number of stocks in the portfolio to a maximum of 30.

These are open-ended debt schemes that will invest in money market and debt instruments with a duration between 1 and 3 years.

From the AMCs of Nippo, UTI and Kotak. Our analysts take a look.

Adopt a measured approach rather than panic in view of the recent mark down in Franklin's debt funds.

This represents the best of the funds. The ratings range from Gold to Negative, with the former being the best in its category.

Retail investors can consider the fund of fund route which provides easier liquidity.

Best Performing Funds

As on 2020-04-05

Industry AUM Movement

Quarterly Average AUM (in Crores); Source: AMFI
-1387506.81 (-51.67%)

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