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By Ravi Samalad |  05-02-19 | 
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Should I stop my systematic investment plans (SIPs) as the market is falling? Should I switch to another fund since my existing fund is not performing well? Many mutual fund investors must have pondered about these things lately given that the volatility is at its peak.

Interestingly, many first-time mutual fund investors are starting their investment journey with SIPs due to the investor awareness drive initiated by the industry. Evidently, the industry’s SIP base has reached 2.54 crore with an average Rs 7,500 crore inflow every month during this calendar year. However, not many investors know how to behave when the markets turn volatile. This is where adviser’s role in managing investors emotions comes into play.

Another common mistake which investors commit is to invest in  funds that have delivered the highest return in the last one year, ignoring the fund’s mandate. To dispel investors myths and help them make the most out of their mutual funds, Mumbai-based adviser Khyati Mashru, founder of Plant Rich Consultancy, is organizing an event on February 16 in Kandivali.

“Investors have understood that Mutual Funds Sahi Hai due to the investor awareness drive initiated by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). However, investors need to choose funds according to their risk appetite and goals which not many investors realize. This event aims at helping people understand which mutual funds are best suited to meet their life goals. Also, we will be resolving all their service related concerns about mutual funds over the counter,” says Khyati.

The event will have eight desks for face-to-face interactions with pre-booked slots. Each investor will have 15 mins to interact with the experts. More than 200 investors are expected to attend the event.

Author of Riding the Roller Coaster, Amit Trivedi will hold a workshop on helping investors make smart investment choices.

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