How to build a niche advisory practice

By Ravi Samalad |  06-04-21 | 
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Traditionally, most advisers and mutual fund distributors in India have built their practices by onboarding clients from different professions and backgrounds.

Over the years, as advisers/MFDs evolved, they are sharpening their focus on building a business around their ideal client type. While niche advisory firms are still a rarity in India, advisers are realising the benefits that accrue by channelizing their effort in catering to a niche.

Globally, many advisers operate niche advisory firms catering to clients from specific professions/ backgrounds such as athletes, millennials working in tech firms, women, retirees, army personnel, celebrities and so on.

Given the hyper-competitive market, can you build a niche practice in India? How does it affect your business prospects?

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